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tv   Presidents Weekly Radio Address  CSPAN  May 1, 2010 6:15pm-6:30pm EDT

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-- >> dr. stone. >> everyone is entitled to their opinions and perspective on public display of killer whales , but scientists appreciate the incredible amount of science, research, and contribution to conservation that is made possible by these animals. as i said earlier, we are continuing to improve the quality of the environment that we provide the animals. we continue to learn about them. that will only continue to get better as time goes on. >> thank you very much.
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>> i would like to respond to what she said earlier. i think he misunderstood me. i never said there were only natural hazard in the wild. we work on things like fisheries, wailing issues, a marine noise, and other human impacts on the environment. we are very active in these areas internationally and domestically. i would like to say, however, that the doctor mentioned the fact that the world is becoming a degraded place. we are facing one of the largest extinctions in geological history. we are facing climate change.
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we are facing the ocean eradication and other profound changes to the environment, many of which are human caused or human augmented. i think the self congratulatory tone of the public display representatives at this hearing are abhorrent. we are missing the boat. we are not educating people to change their behavior and to wake up and recognize how serious the situation is and how much their individual behavior matters and counts, and how much they still must do to protect the environment. to be perfectly blunt, as somebody who works in the regulatory and legislative endeavors around the world to try to protect these animals, i do not see this great education that is occurring, apparently,
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at these facilities. in fact, and will give you an example. the united kingdom has one of the most staunch conservation- oriented public. they are an island nation. they take very seriously the fact that they must protect the environment. there are no marine mammal parts left in the uk. clearly, they are getting their education from some other source. they have aquariums and zoos. this goes back to the point about different conflate versification and different types of public display -- a different kind freighters -- different conflaters of education and different types of
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public display. these parts are not necessary -- these parks are not necessary to adequately educate the public. there are countries with no marine mammal displays and they are doing better than the united states in conservation. >> i know that we could go on for a long time commenting about each other, but if you have anything that you would like written into the statement, you can certainly provide it to the committee. faugh i think we have -- i think we have had a very thought- provoking discussion here today. thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts with us. i want to thank the panel and all of the witnesses for your participation in the hearing today. members of the subcommittee may have some additional questions for the witnesses. we would ask you to respond to
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those in writing. again, if you would like to make further statements, please put them in writing and give them to the committee. in addition, the hearing record will be open for 10 days for anyone who would like to submit additional and permission for the record. if there is no further business before this subcommittee, we thank the members for their participation, and we stand adjourned. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] if
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>> this week, a judge from the fourth circuit court of appeals talk about diversity in the judiciary. "america and the courts" is on at 7:00 p.m. eastern, here on c- span. tonight, almost 3000 journalists, politicians, and celebrities will gather at the washington hilton board the press corps at an annual dinner. c-span will cover the black-tie event, including remarks by it pregnant -- remarks by president barack obama and jay leno.
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>> sunday, pat buchanan talks about conservatives ideology and to depose a political climate. that is alive at noon eastern, sunday, on c-span2. >> sunday, at 7:00 p.m. eastern, we show you the only televised debate between the candidates for the pennsylvania senate seat. next, a reporter gives an update of the race. >> mr. fitzgerald, talk a little bit about the risks for both of these it gentleman going into tonight's debate. with senator arlen specter because he is the incumbent. because he is the incumbent. in fact, other debates. this is a one-shot debate.
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it will be going on during a phillies-mets game. he has nothing to lose in this case because he has to get the numbers moving. arlen specter has a lead, by all accounts. different polls suggest that it might be shrinking. despite the fact that he is a 30-year incumbent with the odor of the beltway on him and switched parties to boots, he is not really been able to overtake him yet. as far as we can tell. host: as far as polling for both of these gentlemen, how does it look as it stands right now? guest: there has been a gap in the public polling right now
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what we need it most. it looks like specter has anything from and a point to a 15 point lead. there is still a decent slice of people who do not know enough about sestak. fairly low over all re-elect numbers for specter. maybe a third of people say he deserves another term, a sixth term. most of the public polls -- on the other hand, with contradictory data. for a long time, specter has excellent ratings among democrats.
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he appears to of been accepted by his new party. he definitely has the party apparatus will be important of getting out the votes and mobilizing what ever turnout there will be. host: you talked about the ads running. can you expand on that? guest: sestak had a stellar navy career. he retired as a -- as an admiral and is served in the white house. he was defense policy director for clinton. he had a couple of pentagon posts. the controversy comes from his last job in the pentagon. he was the deputy chief of naval
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operations for warfare requirements, i believe it is called. it is a position that plans strategy for warfare and helps set the size of the fleet. he performed that job and a new chief of naval operations, admiral mullen, on the first day, demoted him from that position. there were reports -- this was in 2005 -- that he had created a poor command climate and he -- other people have confirmed to us that he was quite the driven boss, shall we say. even in the type environment of the pentagon, he was toward the
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right. that has followed him since. that is what specter attacked. that is what specter attacked. sestak has not been able to refute that factually. he will not disclose any documents from the navy, such as performance reviews. however, the way the ad is worded, in excess sound -- and makes it sound that he was kicked out of the navy entirely or maybe he was drunk and ran a ship aground. host: how has he responded in his ads then to mr. specter? guest: his strategy has been to invoke swift boating, the infamous attacks on john kerry's military service in 2004.
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in those attacks, people were accusing john kerry of having made up his military exploits in vietnam to get medals and other assorted things. much more serious than having a disagreement with a new boss. he is very defensive about it. his latest ad has groups of veterans saying, he is repeating the high points of this career, saying -- one of them says to tell our inspector to stop lying. they all say, we have only one thing to say. they also lose. -- the all salute. it has been a response of
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tactics. they feel that this will remind democratic voters that there'll be a backlash. it over my democrats of things they do not like about arlen specter. he has been battling them for 30 years. he is known as a really intense campaigner who is good at using negative ads. he is famous for nuking opponents. host: he is a political writer host: he is a political writer for the philadelphia inquirer.


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